Friday, January 31, 2020

On Verbal and Non-verbal Communication Essay Example for Free

On Verbal and Non-verbal Communication Essay It is but human nature to try to understand another person. It normal for people to try to interpret another persons actions or words. Interpreting these types of communication means is however, difficult. Each has its own way to be interpreted. Non verbal communication is when person utilizes not his lips and voice when relaying information to another person. It is refers to actions gestures or movements a person does in order to send a message to another person. Usually, this kind of communication is utilized when meeting a new individual. Because too much speech seem to be inappropriate in first meetings, people tend to gesture via facial expression, arm movements, or even bodily gestures. Thus, people interpret this differently, via cues, unlike when the words are spoken (Brunswick Piscataway, 2009). On the other hand, verbal communication relies on the lips or mouth gestures as well as the voice of the person who spoke the words or uttered the information. To some verbal communication is more reliable as people are given the exact information needed to be received. However, there is a tendency for people to lie. Thus, there are those who listen to verbal utterances while at the same time keeping watch of non-verbal gestures. This points that interpreting verbal communication may be literal or based as well to the actions and facial expression that come along with the words (Brunswick Piscataway, 2009). It may thus be concluded that each kind of communication is interpreted differently. Verbal communication sends literal meanings at times, while non-verbal communication is sometimes vague. There is not exact way to point which tells more accurately, however if combined the message will be conveyed easier and faster. Both are also more trustworthy if done side by side. The gestures support the words and the words support all the actions.. While the quote insists that action speaks louder than words, knowing the nature man, it is still better to rely in both words and actions for a clearer interpretation. References Brunswick Piscataway. (2009). Social Perception: How we come to Understand People. Social Psych Lecture. Rutgers University.

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